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Killing Miranda – Consummate (2004)

Killing Miranda - ConsummateIt was a long time coming. Killing Miranda’s last album, ‘Transgression By Numbers’ appeared way back at the start of 2001. Back they were on Nightbreed, a label which almost guarantee any band who signs to them gets stuck with the ‘gothic’ tag. Since then, the KM foursome have played countless live shows, went on tour with Paradise Lost, got embroiled in all kinds of controversy and somehow managed to get themselves on a major label and bag some time in a decent studio to record album No.3. Continue reading

Killing Miranda – Transgression By Numbers (2001)

Killing Miranda - Transgression By Numbers (Cover)I never worked out what ‘sophomore’ means, but I think it’s a pretentious way of saying ‘2nd’. And since Killing Miranda are not in the slightest bit pretentious (unlike some other gothic bands I know), I’m going to resist the opportunity to call this their ‘sophomore effort’. It’s their second album, damn it, and it’s better than the first one. The guitars sound like they really mean something now, and this time the album doesn’t let up once from start to finish. Continue reading

Killing Miranda – Blessed Deviant (1999)

Some people hate Killing Miranda. Mind you, some people hate all goth-rock. Some Killing Miranda - Blessed Deviant (1999)people hate all music with guitars in it. So that first phrase is a bit irrelevant. After all, some people hate me, and I haven’t even got up on stage to insult people yet. Well, I have, but that’s another story (and I wasn’t in a band at the time). One might have cause to wonder what all the fuss is about? What makes Killing Miranda so different from the rest of the black army of goth band knocking around on the scene, unaware of the advances of EBM and cybergoths on this previously trad-goth dominated candlelit genre. Continue reading

Killing Miranda at Bar Monsta

Killing Miranda have been rather quiet of late, and anyone familiar with their reputation in the UK scene will know that’s not their style. Despite a couple of successful international shows (including a WGT slot which I was sadly unable to attend), they do not seem to be building on their excellent 2004 album ‘Consummate’. Two years on and there doesn’t seem to be much progress – I myself am vaguely aware of some of the reasons, but I won’t bore you with the details here. They were playing Bar Monsta in Camden and I, eager to make up for missing their shows earlier this year, was going to be there. Continue reading

Killing Miranda, Deathboy and Summa

Whilst I’d seen Killing Miranda once already on their Consummate tour, the half-hour slot supporting 80s dinosaurs Zodiac Mindwarp failed to really fuel my hunger for a decent live showing from a band who had clearly come a long, long way from their early days in the late-90s London goth scene. With Europe now in their sights, Killing Miranda were making no secret of the fact that this was to be their last London show for several months, possibly longer. The fact that I’d seen them 10 times previously mattered little if anything – I wanted more, and wasn’t about to miss this. Continue reading

Zodiac Mindwarp, Killing Miranda & Brutal Deluxe

It said Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction on the ticket, as well as at the top of the page. They were headlining, after all. But I was really only here to see Killing Miranda tonight. They’d spent the last month or so touring the UK in support of ‘Consummate’ (their long-awaited third album, and a damn fine CD it was, too), but were unable to get a headlining slot in London this side of Christmas. Hence their billing behind Zodiac Mindwarp. Continue reading

Gotham 2003

The first Gotham event in 2000 was something of a personal watershed, it being the first time I’d been to a geniunley ‘gothic’ event, as well as my first experience of two personal favourites – Diary of Dreams and Killing Miranda. The former has made the occasional return to the UK since then, whilst the latter are now very much regulars on the London (and indeed, the UKs) goth-rock circuit. Which included this gig, supporting one of the punk scene’s few bona-fide survivors, The Damned. Continue reading

Christian Death (+ Killing Miranda, Lover of Sin & Diet of Worms)

A last minute choice this one, not least because of the current nature of Christian Death’s line-up, one that has practically nothing to do with the trad-goth legends in their original form, but seems to continue to find ways to survive. But with Killing Miranda and two other supports, there was still a pretty good chance of a decent nights entertainment. It later turned out that the two ‘previously unknown acts’ were side-projects of two of CD’s current line-up. Both would impress more than the parent band. Continue reading

Killing Miranda (+ I.O.N. & Auto-Mata)

For the second year running, I undertake the annual Christmas shopping mission around London before attending a Killing Miranda concert. This one prefaced the XXtortion club night in the same venue, with free entry offered to early arrivals. Of course, if you arrived too early, you were left standing outside until they were ready. Organisation was for whatever reason confused at the best of times, with KM trying to get their set moved as far back in the evening as possible thanks to differing messages coming out of different channels. There wasn’t even a support DJ – yours truly eventually offered a compilation CD to the guy in the sound booth to give a little entertainment before the main show. Continue reading

Theatre Des Vampires, Killing Miranda, Season’s End and Descendent of Cain

This one was billed as a ‘Gothic Metal Special’, which made a change from all the EBM, synth-pop and power noise I’d immersed myself in over recent weeks. Italian act ‘Theatres Des Vampires’ topped the bill, but as each band brought along their own following, it seems only fair that I deal with all four acts as equally as possible. Who said I couldn’t be impartial? Continue reading