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History Of Guns + The Infinite Three + Amon Zero

Set 3 in my triple-header – The first History of Guns gig for 5 years, the first activity from Amon Zero in a while, but my first ever in East London. Tonight’s set included a interesting collection of genres (reflective of the band line up), with more than a few salutes to the Wasp Factory and Line Out rosters, plus a couple of East London legends in the post-gig assortment.

Freudstein – Live This Lie
Kat5can – Bonesaw
AmGod – On The Hunt (Short Mix)
Run Level Zero – Black Cinder
Goteki – Ninjagrrl
Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song
Axiome – Traque

<Amon Zero>

Chrome – Firebomb
Pere Ubu – Street Waves
Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders
Public Image Ltd – Public Image
1919 – Cry Wolf
Magazine – Shot By Both Sides
Joy Division – Transmission

<The Infinite Three>

Broken Links – Within Isolation
Earth Loop Recall – Optimism Creeping In
The Chaos Engine – Employee Of The Year
Deathboy – Cheap Shot
Pitchshifter – Genius
NIN – You Know What You Are?

<History Of Guns>

The Clash – I Fought The Law
Ian Dury – Spasticus Autisticus (Live)
Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
Big Black – The Model
Anthrax – Got The Time
Slayer – Angel Of Death
Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
AC/DC – Highway To Hell
Argent – God Gave Rock and Roll To You