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DJ Setlists

This is a list of all official Terminates Here DJ sets.  All songs played more-or-less in their entirety are listed.

A couple of notes on format – songs in italics were played by other DJs during versus/tag-team style sets, whilst a <Band Name> shown as such indicates a break from DJing whilst that band played their set.  All times and dates are given in “DJ time” – days end when my head hits the pillow, not at 11:59pm, and setlists times are accurate to the nearest 5 minutes!

Not only but also…’s some other event I contributed to musically, but don’t qualify as part of my DJ ‘canon’.

  • Unofficial Sets – DJ sets that were pre-recorded, played as part of test/practice sessions or simply didn’t have any crowd to play to!
  • EOL-Era Setlists – Setlists from 2000-2002 when I played under the name ‘DJ EOL’.