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Alternative Bring’n’Buy Sale – August 2012

My longest day of DJing, ever. Two events, one after the other, on two floors of the same venue.

10:30am- 12 noon – Early Morning Synthesiser

An intentional change from the usual ‘damnbient’ music policy that opens up this event. It was simply too hot. One tradition, opening-with-an-incredibly-long-track-during-setup-time, was retained.

The Orb – A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld
The Knife – She’s Having A Baby
The Weathermen – Punishment Park
The Neon Judgement – Chinese Black
Absolute Body Control – Figures
Kraftwerk – Antenna
Pavillon 7B – You See
Analog Angel – The Miracle
Fairlight Children – Before You Came Along
Golden Boy & Miss Kittin – Rippin’ Kittin
The Presets – Girl And The Sea
Carved Souls – Box
Neuropa – Fashion War
Vision Talk – Elevation
Cinemascape – I Won’t Come Home Tonight
Bronski Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat
Rational Youth – Saturdays In Silesia
Images In Vogue – Lust For Love
The Other Two – Tasty Fish
Eurythmics – Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four)
OMD – Red Frame White Light
Depeche Mode – Ice Machine

2pm-3pm – Not Cooling Off Yet

From hard bleepy stuff to borderline goth……

Eisenfunk – Pong (600XL Remix by Xotox)
Grendel – End Of Ages
Freakangel – The Last White Dance
VNV Nation – Nemesis
Melotron – Folge Mir Ins Licht
T.O.Y. – Welcome To Spaceradio
Mari Chrome – Toxic
Spectra*Paris – Falsos Suenos (Spectramix)
Snake Skin – Etterna
Stray – Remember Me
18 Summers – Girl Of 18 Summers
Project Pitchfork – View From A Throne
The Beauty Of Gemina – The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ
Diary Of Dreams – Kindrom

And then downstairs to join Vade Retro in the DJ booth between the bands at Renaissance III.

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