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Alternative Bring’n’Buy Sale – June 2016

The Tufnell Park Dome was where DJ Terminates Here began, and it’s where I returned. Scott was hand to play the bulk of the remainder, whilst Jonny Haart (Grimorg) from Vampir came in to play the final hour. Here’s my bit.

Set 1 – 10:35am to 11:50am

David Bowie – Warszawa
Gary Numan – I Nearly Married A Human
MG – Stealth
Esplendor Geometrico – Moscú Está Helado
NON – Solitude
Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag
Soft Moon – Parallels
Black Light Ascension – Club Death
Axodry – Surrender
QEK Junior – Atomkonsens
Kinetik – Pipeline
Absolute Body Control – Give Me Your Hands
Das Präparat – Das war noch nie ein Liebeslied
Mirrors – Hide & Seek
Ghost + Writer – Man On A Wire
FAQ – The World Is Cold Enough
Parallel Project – Explicit

Set 2 – 1:30pm to 3pm

Unexpectedly extended for various complicated reason (with an additional need to play at least something vaguely goth), but I relish such challenges…..

High-Functioning Flesh – Hunger Cries
Front 242 – Quite Unusual
Frontal – Sorglos
DBS – Old #7
Elite! – Maschinen
Blush Response – Reduce You
Aircrash Bureau – Exhibition
Pankow – Sickness Takin’ Over
Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope
Placebo Effect – Mystress
The Firm Inc. – Abgebrannt
Dance Or Die – 432
Decoded Feedback – Shockwave
Cut.Rate.Box – Zionsank
Imatem – Holy TV
Angst Pop – Ødipus Rex (Video Version)
Inside – Vampire
Psychophile – Vice Girl
Dronning Maud Land – Hollow Eyes
The Mission – Deliverance
Pink Turns Blue – If Two World Kiss

Thanks to DJ Grimorg for handling the final phase that’d we’d normally tag-team – we were across the road by then.

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