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20 Years Of Live Music – Intro

Every live gig I’ve ever been to has given me some kind of story to tell. You could ask me about any of them and I could come up with at least one occurrence that captured the spirit of the night. But not every live show has been truly ‘special’. I’ve seen excellent performances by bands with crowds numbering in their thousands that were simply ‘very good nights out’. No more, no less. Continue reading

EOL-Audio Archive

This is a collection of various reviews I wrote for my old EOL-Audio website, and later in other places.  Some have been edited for clarity and factual accuracy, but the original opinions are intact, even if I’ve changed my mind since then.

I no longer host the content as individual posts, as they were beginning to swamp newer content.  However, the full EOL-Audio texts has been preserved in a PDF, for those who want to read absolutely everything – EOL Audio Archive PDF (4Mb file).