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Alternative Bring’n’Buy Sale – November 2011

My last planned DJ set of 2011, back in the familiar surroundings of the upstairs room at the Tufnell Park dome, soundtracking this most unique and independent form of retain therapy. My co-DJs today were Kat Orphanides (playing metal and punk) and Ash (pretty much everything else). As a specialist in daytime dark-scene DJing, I once again dreamed up a new approach for the early slot, whilst deciding to focus on good old-fashion goth later on.


Due to a need to lend a hand setting up the whole event, I purposely opened with a 23-minute long track, followed by touches of Project-label goodness, martial drumming and then onto something a bit more, erm, gothy?

Klaus Schulze – Synphära
Eno + Fripp – Wind On Water
LoveLiesCrushing – Valerian (Her Voice Honeyed)
Soul Whirling Somewhere – Wish
Lycia – Dare
Rosa Crux – Noctes Insomnes
Puissance – Grace Of God
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – The Perplexity Of Hybris (I Glorify Myself)
The Machine In The Garden – Final Form
The Shroud – Pixy Led
Faith And The Muse – The Burning Season
All About Eve – Flowers In Your Hair
Untoten – Shelter From Death
Collide – Space Oddity
The Last Dance – Distantly

2pm – 3pm

A mostly-goth set between a mostly-metal set and a mostly-industrial set.

Die Kur – New Era
Star Industry – Nineties
The Sisters Of Mercy – Vision Thing
The March Violets – Snake Dance
Garden Of Delight – Shared Creation
Elusive – Ride
Ikon – Why (7″)
Sex Gang Children – Beasts
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
Suspiria – (Now We See) The Swine
Diary Of Dreams – Undividable
Dream Disciples – Room 57
Project Pitchfork – I Live Your Dream
Kirlian Camera – Nightglory
Global Citizen – Your Majesty

5pm-5:30pm – 3 Way Tag Team

For the first time, 3 DJs contributed to the end-of-event silliness. The first track here actually scratched a DJing itch I hardly dared admit to.

Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (J)
Ghost Dance – Radar Love (K)
Voltaire – Vampire Club (Twilight Version) (A)
Ministry – What A Wonderful World (J)
Manuskript – Rock Me Amadeus (K)
The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis (J)
Alestorm – Wolves Of The Sea (K)
Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (J)
Lady Gaga – Poker Face (K)