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Alternative Bring’n’Buy Sale – August 2011

Having taken a break from playing CDs at the Alternative Bring’n’Buy in April in order to, erm, sell CDs at the Alternative Bring’n’Buy, today I went back to Plan A. I was joined by my regular co-DJs Robert Cowlin and Scott McMahon, who between them handled all the genres than having guitars in.

11am-12noon – Another Sunday Morning Special

I’ve kicked off with darkambient, mittelalter, neo-folk and dark cabaret in the past. And today? A 13-minute psychedelic Krautrock epic. And then lots of old-school synths. I love the early shift!

Tangerine Dream – Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola
Jean-Michel Jarre – Ethnicolor 1
Suicide – Rocket USA
Claire Obscur – Blume
Twilight Ritual – Closed Circuit
DAF – Der Räuber und der Prinz
Depeche Mode – Puppets
Absolute Body Control – Never Seen
Attrition – Thin Red Line
Kirlian Camera – The Desert Inside
Diary Of Dreams – Soul Stripper
Silke Bischoff – Waste Of Time
Girls Under Glass – Ohne Dich
Pink Turns Blue – Your Master Is Calling

2pm-3pm – EBM and Electro-Industrial

I think this is one of my favourite sets in recent times. A quick salute to the stall that sold me all those Pankow and Click Click CDs!

Front 242 – U-Men
Spetsnaz – That Perfect Body
Jäger 90 – Wie Du
Kommando XY – Genesis Does (What Nintendon’t)
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here
Portion Control – Amnesia
Auto Da Feh – Divided We Fall
Invincible Spirit – Push!
Project Pitchfork – Go Further
Evil’s Toy – Organics
Plastic Noise Experience – Kill The 6
Funker Vogt – History
System:FX – Overdrive
Dismantled – Thanks For Everything
Inertia – Shakalaka Baby!

5pm-5:30pm – Jonny vs Scott Tag Team Silliness

In the true B&B tradition, there was time for playing somewhat ‘atypical’ tracks at the end. Every time it gets more and more random..…

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance
Pulp – Disco 2000
The Confettis – The Sound Of C
Placebo – Daddy Cool
Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow
Lady Gaga – Judas
The Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch (Eiffel 65 Remix)
Lordi – Hard Rock Hallejulah