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Goth Jam & Open Mic

A new concept for live performance in London – get a venue, PA and a few instruments, and let anyone have a go at whatever form of performance seems to fit the mood of the moment. A mixture of original music, covers and performance poetry were the hallmarks of this event. My own musical project Deja Vu 2 had it’s ‘zeroth’ even performance (as in it was a 3-song PA with no other live members), though I also did an improvisational jam of a fourth lyric (music as yet unwritten) and did vocals on a cover of some-old-goth-tune. Oh, and I also did some DJing.

Usually when I do between-bands work, I have some idea of what style to aim for. On this occasion, this was only occasionally possible. Also, I needed a very long song to cover either side of my own performance! One thing I did manage to do was get in a trio of vocoder-heavy tunes at the end of the night, have got one of the things to work myself when playing live! Anyway, for the sake of keeping a record, here’s setlist and running order from the night.

Absurd Minds – Essence
Psyche – Unveiling The Secret

<Live Jam – Temple of Love>

Suspiria – Now, We See The Swine
Seven Trees – Going Down
ClockDVA – The Act

<Improvisational Set – Non-Bio>

Jean Michel Jarre – Ethnicolor 1 (first half)

┬ásong PA – Deja Vu 2>

Jean Michel Jarre – Ethnicolor 1 (second half)
Scapa Flow – Crucial Impact

<Acoustic Covers – Rachel Bullimore>

Death In June – Hullo Angel

<Live Jam – Boadecia Unique>

The KVB – Captives
Thomas Dolby – Leipzig
The Cars – Just What I Needed

<A Capella – Boadecia Unique>
<Live Jam – Timewarp>

Poison – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

<Acoustic Cover – Graham Richards ‘Hurt’>

Current 93 – Oh Coal Black Smith

<Live Jam – Deja Vu 2 ‘Meat Is Dinner’>

Spetsnaz – Apathy

<Coleridge Recital>

Strawbs – The Hangman And The Papist
Styx – Mr.Roboto
Telex – Moskow Disko
Kraftwerk – Computer World
OMD – Maid of Orleans
VNV Nation – Nova