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Covenant – A Listener’s Guide

Covenant Resolved

And so this guided tour of Covenant’s back catalogue ends, at least for now. I’ll listen out for new material with significant interest, if not the excitement of times past. I cannot deny that their sound has developed, but in recent years, it’s just started to edge away from the things that drew me to them in the first place. It’s notable that whilst many people in the scene are critical of them, increasingly so in the last decade, it’s also hard to find a bad review of their recent albums on the established scene review sites, proof that they’ve retained both the technical standards on their recordings and a significant fanbase.

Covenant Ranked

Unlike previous ‘Listeners Guides’, I’ve found that Covenant’s evolution cannot be easily separated into different categories and hence I’ve just featured one long list of my personal favourites, plus a few explanatory notes as to why certain songs featured where they did.

Terminates Here Personal Choice

  1. Figurehead (either version, but listen to Plain version more)
  2. Like Tears In Rain (will settle for Der Leiermann)
  3. Call The Ships To Port
  4. Speed (Club Version only)
  5. Invisible and Silent
  6. Beat The Noise (highest ranking from last decade)
  7. Theremin
  8. Tour De Force
  9. We Stand Alone
  10. Stalker (either album or Club version)
  11. Ritual Noise (any ‘in house’ version)
  12. One World One Sky
  13. 20Hz
  14. Void
  15. Slowmotion
  16. The Men
  17. Bullet
  18. Monochrome
  19. Ignorance & Bliss
  20. Go Film (album version for listening, Hard version for DJing)
  21. Last Dance
  22. Dies Irae
  23. Dead Stars (would be higher if not for serious overplaying)
  24. Final Man
  25. Replicant
  26. The World Is Growing Loud
  27. Happy Man
  28. Sound Mirrors
  29. Lightbringer
  30. Helicopter
  31. I Close My Eyes
  32. Judge of My Domain
  33. Tension
  34. Get On
  35. Wall Of Sound
  36. Feedback
  37. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
  38. Prime Movers
  39. Pulse
  40. Edge Of Dawn

That’s the end….return to Articles for more long reads.

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