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20 Years Of Live Music – Thank You To…

This has been a story of one man’s adventure in the world of live music, but it has not been a totally solo effort. A thank-you is due to all the below.

Mandy Graves for her significant role in the final quarter of this story.

Steve Weeks for getting me into events I would not have otherwise been able to attend.

Bryon Adamson for modus operandi.

Rob from Coventry (sorry mate, that’s how everyone refers to you!) for my M’era Luna introduction.

The independent promoters (some still going, some not, all part of the tale): Flag Promotions, NMTCG, Synchrotrax, Infest, Armalyte and the clubs Reptile, Dead and Buried, Slimelight and Monster Truck.

I cannot name every band, but a friendly wave to a number of local acts (and a few not-so-local) where I know at least one member (most are still going in some fashion, a few are not): Die Kur, System:FX, Maxdmyz, Mechanical Cabaret, Killing Miranda (now under a new name), RBN (ditto, can’t keep these two apart, can I?), Deviant UK, Swarf. Earth Loop Recall/This Is Radio Silence, Black Light Ascension, DJ Translight, Inertia, Tenek, Global Citizen, Machine Rox, Paresis, Kommand + Kontrol, STAB Electronics, Bleak, Terminal Gods, Special Love/Grimbergen, Psyche, Lizard Smile, Rome Burns/Hi-Reprociwatisname, The Memepunks, Drilling Spree, Ventenner, Standgericht, Lilygun,

Rest In Peace

Musicians I have seen on stage who have since departed this mortal coil.

John Murphy (Knifeladder and Countless Others)
Paul Raven (Killing Joke and Ministry)
Mike Scaccia (Ministry)
Steve Strange (Visage)
Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget)
Peter Steele (Type O Negative)
Alan Vega (Suicide)
Chris Squire (Yes)

There is a good chance I’ve missed some names, I’ve only included those I know for sure.

It really is the end here – if you haven’t read the rest, you really should go back to the Intro.

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