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Fear Factory – A Listener’s Guide


I started writing this account back in 2020 – Burton C.Bell was still in the band, and I’d fooled myself into thinking a band like this would be a ‘quick one’ to cover.  As with everything undertaken in the COVID-era, it never works out quite how you expected.  I won’t dwell on why I barely wrote a word over the winter – I’m just glad that when I finally hit the keyboard once more, I had a band that really could set the pulses racing to cover.

At time of writing, the band are back on tour with Dino as the only original member, with Milo Silvestro joining as vocalist. He hasn’t appeared on studio recordings yet, but the band is still a going concern, so maybe there will be another chapter in a year or two.


I could do a separate ranking of anthems, slow songs, complex songs, etc.  But that doesn’t seem right.  All fans of bands pick out their favourites, and here’s mine.  Yes, the list is top-loaded with songs from the ‘classic lineup’ albums, that’s just the way it is.  As ever, if you don’t agree with my list, write your own!

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  1. Resurrection
  2. Self-Bias Resistor
  3. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)
  4. Pisschrist
  5. Archetype
  6. Shock
  7. Zero Signal
  8. Demanufacture
  9. Edgecrusher
  10. Linchpin
  11. Timelessness
  12. Undercurrent
  13. A Therapy For Pain
  14. What Will Become?
  15. Scapegoat
  16. Descent
  17. Replica
  18. Martyr
  19. Flashpoint
  20. Self-Immolation
  21. Damaged
  22. Bite The Hand That Bleeds
  23. Digimortal
  24. Powershifter
  25. Smasher-Devourer
  26. Soul Hacker
  27. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
  28. Final Exit
  29. The Industrialist
  30. Big God – Raped Souls

I’ve not included covers on this list, but “Dog Day Sunrise”, “Cars” and “Millennium” also feature on my playlists, the first of these winning of a tie-break because I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in listening to Head Of David, whilst Numan and Killing Joke are frequently featured on my personal playlists. 

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