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Diary of Dreams – A Listener’s Guide

Last Page of the Diary

I will admit I’m not the kindest soul amongst music writers.  Even when writing about bands that I would rank amongst my all-time top five, I don’t pull punches when an album, or even part of an album, proves to be a disappointment.  But despite a clear disconnect from whatever it was they were doing on those mid-to-late 10s albums, I can’t finish without reaffirming what a profound affect this band has had on my listening habits. 

Some of my stories relate to their live shows.  My first discovery of them at the first Flag Promotions Gotham event, where I became an instant convert.   Getting so drunk waiting for their show in the same place 4 years later that I gave up trying to prepare a review of the thing and just sung along incredibly loudly.  Even the way they headlined the final Gotham in 2011, brining this long-running series of one-day fests to a mighty close with a suitably climatic rendition of “Kindrom”.  Surprisingly, I haven’t seen them in Germany all that much – two cut-down shows in the M’era Luna hangar is all I’ve managed, but that was enough to convince me that They Are A Big Thing Over There.

But there’s more personal moments.  Walking home from a difficult night out in times of crisis with the chorus from “Chemicals” in my head, keeping my time and keeping me on the path and off the road.  The way a short-term fling that threw me off-balance in 2010, and the words to “AmoK” better summed how I felt than anything I could write.  And then once I was over it, “Ex-ile” became the soundtrack to my mental machinations instead.  Or there’s the fact that I can’t walk through a misty forest in autumn without auralising most of the ‘Cholymelan’ album. 

And then there was the time when I was trying to learn soft synths during a lonely evening during Lockdown Mk1, but was such a broken man by that point that all I could manage was a one-fingered rendition of “Colorblind” on e-piano. And having come to terms with those feelings, songs like “The Curse” and “The Plague” are now more appropriate ways of describing that beast inside my head.

That’s the real story here.

Oh, you just came here for a playlist, right?  Ok then…..

Top xx Lists

One day I’m going to link this to Spotify or something.  But having bought the albums one at a time from Resurrection Records way-back-then, why make life so easy?

Selected Diary Entries

I’m not doing rankings for this bit like I usually do – the songs are in order of release.  But I’ve known fans of this band who only like certain types of song.  So for the picky listeners out there:

  • Big Doomy Epics: Stimulation, But The Wind Was Stronger, Methusalem, Rumours About Angels, Darker, Trauma:A, The Wedding, Mein Werk aus Zement
  • Dance In Shadows (or German basements): Butterfly:Dance!, Chemicals, The Curse, AmoK, PaniK?, Soul Stripper, King Of Nowhere, The Luxury of Insanity, Endless Nights, the Fatalist
  • Play Some Goth: False Affection False Creation, Victimized, A Fool To Blame, Retaliation, Ex-ile, UnWanted?, Undividable
  • Show Me Your Teeth: Mankind, Giftraum, Kindrom, UnMensch, MenschFeind, The Plague, Malice, Sinferno, Viva la bestia
  • The Complicated Section: End of Flowers, never’Freeze, People Watcher, Psycho-Logic, Son of a Thief, The Colours of Grey, Echo In Me, A Dark Embrace
  • The Tear-Jerkers: Flood of Tears, Colorblind, Traumtänzer, She and Her Darkness, AmoK (piano version from aLive or Anatomy of Silence)

I haven’t covered the side projects here, but there’s only one album apiece by .com/Kill and Coma Alliance to cover, so they may appear here in the future.  Worth mentioning that occasional Diary of Dreams member Torben Wendt is better known for his own band Diorama.  If you like the more electronic aspect of the Diary of Dreams sound, you should check them out if you haven’t already.  They’re usually next to one another wherever their CDs are sold, anyway.

Terminates Here Personal Choice

But because I like all the above, I’m finishing with one big list.

  1. Chemicals
  2. AmoK
  3. Kindrom
  4. Colorblind
  5. Rumours About Angels
  6. Butterfly:Dance!
  7. The Plague
  8. The Curse
  9. Ex-ile
  10. People Watcher
  11. Darker
  12. O’Brother Sleep
  13. Mankind
  14. Stimulation
  15. The Colours of Grey
  16. Malice
  17. Retaliation
  18. King of Nowhere
  19. Flood of Tears
  20. Undividable
  21. Giftraum
  22. UnMensch
  23. The Luxury of Insanity
  24. The Wedding
  25. Soul Stripper
  26. She
  27. MenschFiend
  28. Methusalem
  29. Traumtänzer
  30. PaniK?
  31. Winter Souls
  32. Traum:A
  33. Endless Nights
  34. UnWanted?
  35. No-Body Left To Blame
  36. But The Wind Was Stronger
  37. the Fatalist
  38. Bird Without Wings II
  39. The Game
  40. Holier Than Thou Approach
  41. Bird Without Wings
  42. End Of Flowers
  43. Victimized
  44. False Affection, False Creation
  45. Son of a Thief
  46. At The Border Of My Nation
  47. She And Her Darkness
  48. Viva la bestia
  49. Psycho-Logic
  50. Never’Freeze

That is the end – of flowers, and of this write-up. Back to Articles.

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